Oinking Acres Farm, located in Brownsburg Indiana, is able to provide the peace of mind you and your pig need for boarding. The facilities are designed to make your pet pig’s stay comfortable and entertaining.


We require that the owners provide their own food that pig is used to during their stay. We also require that pigs be up to date on all their shots and given a clean bill of health by a veterinarian.


Finding someone to care for your pig when you have to be away can be difficult. Understanding a pig’s unique nature, providing the right environment and having the experience to provide proper care is essential.


Our main objective is to provide your pet pig with everything needed to be happy and maintain good health during their stay. Boarding starts at $25 a day. If you have multiple pigs its an additional $15 per pig. In our barn where we house the pigs we have one concrete stall dedicated for boarders equipped with a litter box, tv, a box fan, rugs, and blankets. This makes the stay a little more comfortable and easier for pigs used to living indoors.


Oinking Acres Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc