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Growing up, Olivia was always intrigued with animals and had a love and respect for all species. She adopted her first pig when she was 14. She quickly saw how big the need was for a pig rescue and started Oinking Acres. With the help of her mom, Adele, she turned her old family farm into a haven for unwanted pigs. The farm is nestled on the outskirts of Brownsburg, determined to make the world a better place for animals.


Jesse Head- Craft COORDINATOR

Jesse uses her artistic abilities around the barn. She specializes in making ordinary things spectacular. Jesse is involved with events and making handcrafted pig themed goodies. She started her own business called Jesse’s Jewels where a portion of her earnings go back to the pigs! She spends her evenings with her pig, Roxy.


Adele Head-director of waste management

Adele is a business owner and mother of 4 wonderful children. She rescued her first pig in 1997. Penelope lived to be 16 and her second rescue pig will be 21 this year. Until a few years ago, she too, was unaware of the often tragic plight and endless number of unwanted and homeless pigs. After the pig crisis became clear to her and Olivia, they knew they had a responsibility to take action. Responsibility is made of 2 words: response and ability. They asked themselves, what would our response be and how could we use our abilities to make a difference. That is where the Oinking Acres journey began. Now, Adele spends her free time caring for and cleaning up after pigs:)


montana & rose rhoades- Our wonderful helpers

Rose and Montana are a dynamic mother/daughter duo that share a passion for pigs and have the same heart for rescue that we do. They share their home with their 5 year old pot bellied pig Finnegan. Rose and Montana help out around the farm in all sorts of ways. We first met Rose and Montana at our first rescue piglet baby shower in 2018. Turns out they live just a few minutes from the farm! Their help the past year has been a blessing to us and the pigs.

Meet the Residents

One of our biggest focus and goals is to find loving & caring homes for all the animals that come into our care. However, we have taken in several animals that now call Oinking Acres their forever home. Learn about each resident and sign up to sponsor your favorite! We have our sponsorship set up through Patreon. $25 a month will help us feed and care for each resident. With your sponsorship, you will receive a sponsor certificate as well as a private tour. Please email me with which animal you sponsored and your mailing address!



Lucy was surrendered to her local animal shelter when her family moved. Lucy is 12 years old. She was never spayed so she developed an aggressive cancer in her uterus. When she was spayed the vets removed her cancer. As a result of Lucy being fed only apples for 12 years, she has various skin issues from malnutrition. Lucy was still ill after her surgery. We had to spoon feed her for about 10 days until she gathered enough strength to feed herself. Lucy has a hard time seeing and hearing. It has been amazing to watch Lucy’s progress. She calls Oinking Acres home now and we can’t imagine what the barn would be like without her.



Dolly was surrendered when her owners moved and could not bring Dolly along. Dolly’s first week at the farm was rough. She was extremely depressed and grieving the loss of her people. Dolly laid in her stall and refused to eat for many days. It took Dolly about 2 weeks to adjust and come out of her shell. Dolly’s true personality shines bright now. She is very active and happy. She spends her days free roaming around the farm and taking naps. She has wiggled her extra chubby cheeks into everyone’s heart. Check out the “Dolly” bracelet!


Pinky & Polly

September 7th, we got an urgent call about two extremely obese pigs that had been abandoned after their owners moved. We knew that these girls were in rough shape but seeing them in person was shocking. Pinky (grey pig) is morbidly obese to the point where she is nearly immobile. Her hooves were overgrown but she has let us tend to them since arriving. Her little legs can’t bear her weight. Pinky has trouble breathing; her organs are being crushed by all her extra poundage. We are guesstimating her to be about 300 pounds but appears to have the frame of a 100 pound pig. Polly (black pig) is in the same boat, however she is not as big but her hooves were worse. Her hooves were also tended to which helped her mobility. These girls have a super tight bond and never leave each other’s side. Normally, our first priority is to spay or neuter, but due to their weight, it would not be safe at this point. These babies have a long road ahead but we are here to give them everything they will need to thrive. We hope that these girls will eventually become adoptable but they will need longterm intensive care to get to that point.


Oinking Acres Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc

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